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We do things differently

At Phoenix Youth Theatre, we have high standards when it comes to your child’s development, your stress levels, and the quality shows we produce.  These standards guide us to do things differently.

A VIP experience for your child, a thoughtful schedule for you, and a high-end production. Directed with love by top theatre professionals. For Youth Theatre in Scottsdale and Phoenix, you can count on PYT to deliver a remarkable experience for all.

What to Expect From Participating in a PYT Show:

Your Child is a VIP

Roll out the red carpet! What happens on stage is only a portion of the magic that comes with being part of a PYT show. Our aim is for every performer to feel like a valued member of our theatre family, so from the get-go, our rehearsals are broken into groups; this way they receive individualized attention rather than being lost in a crowd. Show-T shirts, social media shoutouts, cast parties, and personalized show posters are all part of the star treatment!

85+ Hours of Education and In-Theatre Time

It is anticipated that an ensemble (non-speaking) cast member will spend approximately 86.5 hours between the studio and theatre. Experts say that 86.5 hours is the perfect amount of time to learn some impressive new skills, develop in confidence as a performer, and create some life-long friendships...all while having a serious amount of fun. What a fantastic use of time!

Top Notch Team

Here's a little secret... one of the major reasons performers walk away from our shows with improved skill, confidence, and a crazy amount of inspiration is because we make sure they are learning from some of the best. We don't settle for less. Our team members are vets of the stage and all-around positive and encouraging educators who love nothing more than to pass on their passion and knowledge to the next wave of superstars!

Pro Productions

Although we often refer to our shows as the icing on the cake of the entire experience... we have to say, the icing is pretty tasty! Regular lead and ensemble training ensures that our cast has time to polish their parts long before stepping on stage: the key to confidence and shining under the bright lights. We recruit the best tech team and auditoriums in town to make sure that our shows meet the standards our cast deserves.

Opportunities For All

PYT provides remarkable theatre experiences for children/teens of all ages and abilities. We offer the opportunity to audition for lead (or speaking) roles, to those who feel ready for a challenge and are eager to take on more responsibility. However, auditioning isn't compulsory for those who aren't ready. If you do decide to audition, we offer a safe, supportive experience, without risk (pressure, tears, rejection, etc) because no matter the outcome, everyone is guaranteed a part in the cast.

Yay! Cast Fun

The closer a cast is off stage, the more magic there is on stage! Why? Because the connections are real. We create opportunities for our cast to develop these priceless bonds by breaking the ice early on with improv games, team-building exercises, cast chat channels, and social events. This way, the relationship dynamics, energy, and inside jokes happening on stage (that the audience is clueless too) are always in play!

Education & Personal Development

These are our main priorities. When you’re child/teen is in our care, learning and growth are in full effect. From a friendly (rather than threatening) audition process, at-home practice materials, and weekly rehearsals that go beyond merely learning the show content, but actually strengthen acting, singing, dancing technique... we guarantee our cast will finish a show with improved abilities and a greater understanding of theatre.

A Stress-Free Schedule

We know how daunting the whole ‘youth theatre’ thing can be. That’s why we aim to make things as uncomplicated as possible. You’ll be given all important dates upfront, there are no late nights (relative to the ‘normal’ theatre world) and rehearsals will be on the same day and time for 90% of the rehearsal run. Sometime in between when you sign up and when rehearsals begin, you’ll be given access to your "parent production portal" which will give you the ins and outs of participation.

The Parent Portal

It will cover basics such as "what to wear/bring to rehearsals" "who your point of contact is" and even provide a schedule to keep you on track of when items such as "headshot/bio submissions" are due. Regular reminders will keep you in the loop and make sure you never miss a beat. Sit back and relax, you totally got this "theatre parent" thing in the bag!

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