Youth Theatre that takes you to new heights

Whether a virtual or live production, PYT provides remarkable theatre experiences for children/teens of all ages and abilities. 

No seriously, Enjoy The Show! The PYT Promise

When you join a show at PYT expect to be treated like a VIP. Be comforted knowing your child is in a safe place, surrounded with love and learning from the best. Access pro-tools created to keep you organized and always in the know of what you need for the show. Know, come showtime, that your star has been set up for success and will deliver their best: in a performance that will leave you “WoW”ed and make you proud.

Read the boxes below to find out why no other theatre will give you TLC like PYT.

Education > Recitation

Every PYT rehearsal is an educational, inspirational experience that increases cast members' skill, comprehension, and confidence. If you don't grow, what's the point of the show?

Serious Support

From the 'Performer’s Profile' - that clearly breaks down all you need to know for your show - to text message reminders, and even the ability to contact us day or night with questions, we never leave you hangin'!

Star Treatment

We roll out the metaphoric red carpet for PYT cast members! Get showered with swag (cast T-shirts), the best press (personalized show posters), and access to VIP events (cast parties).

Dream Team

This isn’t the babysitters club. Our students learn from pros who are worthy heroes: veterans of the stage, experienced educators, that love, inspire, are overflowing with passion and positivity. We live to teach.

Live Shows At PYT: Magic On and Off Stage

It’s well known that PYT productions are a remarkable experience for cast members, their families, and audiences who get to witness the onstage magic. However, getting the “WOW” result is NOT produced by fluke. We leave nothing up to chance so the journey to the theatre is stress-free for you and your actor so you can enjoy the special moment to the fullest. See the boxes below to find out why live theatre at PYT sets the standard for what youth theatre should be.

Pro Show

By recruiting the best tech teams, costume designers, and auditoriums in town, we bring stories to life in dazzling ways and create a setting worthy of our performers’ talents and hard work. "Lights, drama, action!”


Your schedule is a nail biting balancing act. That's why we supply all important dates upfront, promise no late nights (despite the theatre “norm”) and schedule practices on the same day/time, 90% of the time.

Cast Bonding

The closer a cast is off stage, the more magic there is on stage! Why? Because the connections are real. Multiple cast gatherings (parties) throughout the run create life-long friendships and bring the fun!

You Succeed!

Drama trauma is not an option. Our performers are prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally to step on stage with confidence; an experience that will change their lives...for the better.

We leave no stone unturned - for students or parents.

Text Reminders

We make sure you don't get left behind and that you receive all updates and reminders on time.

Team #OneLogin

Remembering passwords can be tricky. We provide all resources under one login.

No Make-up Stress

Can’t make a rehearsal? You'll get online access to new content so you're never in the dark.