Welcome to PVA’s Virtual Voice Training Studio


Your coach will have given you some strange combinations of letters and numbers to create your daily workout.

Simply view the Group/Number/Letter and hit play. For example, if the combo is Green/1/b, scroll to the ‘Green Room’ section, open group ‘1’ and scroll to the scale sitting beneath ‘b’. Hit the ‘play’ button and voilà!… you’re a model student and will be a better singer in no time.

Orange Room


The Stretching Room

If you think of singing like any other athletic sport, it’ll make it easier to understand why stretching your vocal muscles, increasing flow, and going through our entire vocal range (in sports you’d want to move through your entire range of motion before starting) is a great way to start your vocal work! You could say that these scales provide the setting for the ‘warm-up’ and their simplicity increase awareness, too! You’ll most likely be using these scales at the start of every session.

Teal Room


The Development Room

For this example, think of your voice as a puppy: it has boundless energy, can move around a ton, and will only focus if instructed to do so, many times, by it’s master. You tell a puppy to do something once, and it’ll have forgotten what the instruction was before you’ve muttered the words ‘here’s a treat.’ The same is true with the voice. We have to repeat the good stuff over and over to make it stick. If you’re feeling really good about a particular note, and the energy is flowing, you ought to pounce on whatever it is that is enabling that quick smart, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Pink Room


The Agility Room

Progressing ones singing ability from the stage of ‘being able to sing a song’ to ‘taking the faces off the entire front row’ takes diligence. Diligence in the small stuff. We like to call it the “last 10%.” We need to experience vocal postures at the extremes of what’s ‘normal’ (to most ‘normal’ people, that is). We need to facilitate that by removing restrictions: often placed on us by everyday life (crouching over a desk, speaking low, etc, or simply being unaware that these postures exist). We need to request a ridiculously specific amount of air to be sent through the vocal instrument and, from time to time, we need to ask the vocal folds to move super quick… if we like to do cool riffs and runs and such. These exercises help with all the above.

Blue Room


The Room For Finesse

Everyone loves a sustain. By ‘sustain,’ we mean singing notes (especially high ones) for a really long time. If you can introduce vibrato (when the voice flutters instead of being straight) when singing that really long note, you’re within your rights to drop the mic and walk straight out the back door. Sustaining with finesse shows signs of mastery. What do we mean by finesse? Being in complete control of sustains: whether it’s loud, soft, low or high. Whether you can play with the color (dark or light) and add vibrato if requested really matter, too. Results come from doing… and that why this room is full of sustains!

Green Room


The Musicality Room

Knowing key signatures and modes may sound like something that should be left for the guitarists. But, when it comes to being proficient enough to make it as a singer ‘in the real world,’ having this knowledge and, more importantly, being able to use it on stage should be on the list of priorities for all singers. It also helps when creating our own music and when we have to improvise. Did we mention that being able to improvise (i.e make awesome vocal lines up on the spot) is a real cool skill to have? These exercises build the foundation in these areas.

Red Room


The Room Built For Mastery

Singing truly is a lifelong quest. We should enjoy the momentary ups and downs along the way, safe in the knowledge that we are always moving forward in the grand scheme. That’s easier said than done when you ‘just can’t get that note!’ Being a master of voice only comes with time. It comes as a result of doing all the other things in all the other rooms on the page… for a long time. That said, when we feel like the time is right, we can absolutely put that to the test. That’s what you’ll find here.