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You may have seen that theatre options for children under 2nd grade are limited in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

This comes down to a variety of reasons, but three major factors are:

1. Younger children require more attention and care (aka energy!)

2. Their rehearsal availability is limited (aka bedtime!)

3. Auditions are required to participate (aka no “newbies”)

These points conflict with many youth theatre’s “norm”, where after braving the audition room, large, all-cast rehearsals are held, many times late into the evenings. These conditions make special treatment and supervision challenging and unsuitable for most K-1st graders.

The PYT model was created to remove these hurdles and provide the perfect introduction to Musical Theatre for young, aspiring, performers. Here are some of the program highlights.

Education and Preparation

We take public performance seriously at PYT, especially for our young stars who are new to the stage. That is why we don’t rush the journey by quickly throwing shows up, but instead, spend plenty of time building our performers up. (shows<the experience) With a longer rehearsal period, we have adequate time to instill our cast members with the skills, comprehension, and confidence needed to make stepping into the spotlight a thrill, NOT a fright. (Psst-Our shows are fantastic as well, but that’s only the cherry on top!)

Low Commitment and Consistent Schedule

We know managing your child’s calendar can be a juggling act. (understatement) We also know that they can participate in something remarkable without it consuming their (and your) life. That’s why, with the expectation of the week leading up to the show, the ONLY  rehearsals they need to attend are held on the same day, same time, each week. Can we get a hallelujah?!

Handled With Care

We split our ensemble groups by similar age and ability so they can learn and grow in a comfortable environment. Additionally, PYT rehearsals will never run late into the evening for young cast members. In fact, it’s common during tech week for our K-1st graders to be released earlier than the rest of our cast so they can be well-rested and energized when the curtains open.

The VIP treatment doesn’t stop there. See, waiting to take the stage during longer rehearsals can be well…dull. But because we’re in the business of fun, we provide backstage entertainment like crafts, coloring sheets, movies, and even have our teen actors lead silly improv games. (always a highlight!)

Heroes Included

The “big kids” in our show are the best type of role models our younger cast members could ask for. Not only do they inspire them with their talents, but they are encouraged to make younger cast members feel extra-special by being incredibly welcoming and supportive! The friendships they build are so special!

Plenty of Stage Time

Despite our Spotlight performers being “little”, the role they play in our production is “big”. In a PYT show, your child, despite their age, will be featured many times, in a variety of musical numbers and scenes. (this isn’t a dance recital people!) Additionally, come showtime, our youngest stars hold their own on stage as they act alongside (not behind) older, more experienced actors. This invaluable opportunity allows them to learn by example and as they witness and model the behavior of more advanced performers’ their own growth is accelerated, while inspiration overflows. The excitement our young cast members feel as they dream of what they too will be capable of someday, mixed with the pride they feel being a valid cast member of a phenomenal show, are gifts they will treasure for a lifetime!

Support For Parents

We got your back! Parents that may be new to youth theatre are eased into the show process with support, not demands.

Through our team app, you are able to privately contact us 24/7 with any questions or concerns that may arise. We understand this is a learning experience for you as well and don’t expect you to know the ins and outs.

Let’s learn together!

For more information on the Alice In Wonderland Jr. Production, go here, or contact us. We are here to help!