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Bringing Dreams to Life

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Many people help make what we do possible through their generous financial support. Our gratitude goes out to the following organizations and individuals that have significantly contributed to our programming during the 2021-2022 season.


Bringing Dreams to Life

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Many people help make what we do possible through their generous financial support. Our gratitude goes out to the following organizations and individuals that have significantly contributed to our programming during the 2021-2022 season.




Auction In-Kind

Rising Phoenix Families

Baker Family Grant Family Perez Family
Bhattacharya Family Greaves Family Philippart Family
Blechman Family Guglielmo Family Reiter Family
Bloomquist Family Karna Family Schipper Family
Breckling Family Laney Family Schneider Family
Chittieng Family Lombardo Family Seleen Family
Csencsits Family McCarty Family Silva Family
Demko Family McKee Family Teysseyre Family
Garrigus Family Nazar Family Voeller Family
Garzolini Family Nelson Family Wardpage Family
Gowda Family Nierman Family Williams Family


$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous PYT Family

$1,000 +

Oliver Perez
Reiter Family
Teysseyre Family

$500 – $999

Blechman Family
Presley’s Friends
Santana Family
Schneider Family
Wilson Family

$300 – $499

David Breckling
Emily & Tony Garzolini
Grandmom Page
Katherine Brown
McKee Family
Guglielmo Family

$200 – 299

Andrea Philippart Matt Mazzei
Annie and Todd Parriott Michelle Arcamuzi
Aunt Marion and Uncle Jim Myers
Nancy and Fred Brown
Gramma Bernard Nicole McCarty
Grandma and Grandpa Sutton Santa Claus
Greaves Family Shivani Fotedar
Layrd Sirima Chittieng
Lisa Bloomquist Werner Demko
Lombardo Family

$100 – $199

Alyx Porter Umphrey, MD Garrigus Family Michael Scione
Amanda Boem Grandma and Papou Commick
Mimi and Papa Reynolds
Aunt Karla and Uncle D. Bloomquist Greco Family Nancy Oconnor
Aunty Sandra and Uncle Dennis Guglielmo Hasmik Chilingaryan Nick Vaillant
Bickelhaupt Family Honey Bhakta PC Cullen
Bill Arcamuzi Indersen (Andy) Karna Regina Guglielmo
Bobbie Logan Jagurti Bhakta Robin Connelly
Brandi M Janki Patel Sammy
Cece Shoen Jarrod and Julie Voeller SBN
Chip Beard Josef Reiter Skaff Family
Chris and Ashley Allen Kim Maddux Sydney Wetter
Christine Peterson Kusum Bhatheja MD The Gowdas
Craig and Deb Seleen Lourdes Celaya
The Queen of Hearts Fan Club
Darlene Summers Madison + Sky Wetter
Timm & Marty McCarty
Dayna Bloomquist Malinasky Crew Tio Ryan
Dilip & Mala Surana Marko Burns Tony Abbruzzio
Dorine Dianda Martha Stoudt Val McKInley
Dr Sharon Estill Taylor Martina Ward
VanNewkirk Family
Emma & Lilit Chilingaryan Mary Koagedal Victoria Halas
Eucaris Alvarez Mast Family Vovo
Facebook Donations Michael Nelson Wendy Coyle

$50 – $99

Alyssa Reimers Great Gramps and Gramma Banta Rachel Phelps
An Roy Gwen Schulz Randi Gillis
Angela Stevens Hagan Family Rebecca Seskind
Annabel and Will Enright J Calderon Rettke
Anne Schorr Joanne Hamilton-Selway
Richard Bonkowski
Aunt Kourtnii Brown Jody and Dirk Andreasen Rikki Seleen
Auntie Ash Popich Joey
Romain and Patricia Voeller
Bernie & Shirley Michels Justin Long Sandra Pheiffer
Binny Patel Kannary Hall Seema Phull
Boston Morse Family Kari Williams Shane Williams
Brandon Fong Kathleen Baker Shannon Williams
Cameron Hall Kathleen Summers Sheetal Chhaya
Carol Tully Ken and Rose Dennison
Steve and Monica Carter
Carter & Nora Shullaw Khogyani Family Sumita Chatterjee
Chand Sooran Kim Hixson
Sumona Bhattacharya
Charity Kooba Liane Yvkoff Susan Grant
David Nguyen Lindsay Pilato TnT Hooten
Debbie Baker Wiltchik Family TT
Derrick, Elizabeth, Lexi and Max Burger Margaret Bonkowski
Uncle Adam and Aunt Kaylea Cermak
Dr. Krystal Tellier Mary and Bill Way
Uncle Brett and Aunt Erica Maddux
Dr. Melany Bloomquist Mei Wong
Uncle Douglas Brown
Duncan Heather Mike and Paige O’Connor Vicky Long
Frank and Denette Guttierrez Mishtu Pishi
Gary Curtiss Owen Family
Grandma G Johnson Priti Patel

$1 – $49

Adrianne Swan Gutierrez Family Paul Coleman
Alex Arcamuzi Henderson Family Perez Family
Anika Patel I’m not Matt Mancini Projjal Ghatak
Anjana Das Irene C Radka Pietrass
Ann Catron Jamie Lopez Reena Kumar
Auntie Amber Sutton Janis Cates Sabin Family
Austin Family Jessi Spini Scott Baldocchi
Bagchi Family Karla Soto Seema Patel
Carla Shaw Keith Janofsky Shaun Quigley
Carlos M. Martínez, Esq Krista Baldocchi Sheryl Bennett
CC Grant Fan Club Kristen Anderson Spark Family
D$ Laura C
Stephanie Arcamuzi
Danielle Human Lavonne McKibben
Stephanie Chambers McLaughlin at Hooked On Painting Events
David F. Lindsay and Keith Schipper
Stephen Coleman
Debodhonyaa Sengupta Lindsay Z
Sumantra Banerjee
DelRae Lorna Kramer Team Reiter
Dona Bonkowski Lyndsay Maas Terry Brittngham
Ellie Schulz M
Tiffanie Thompson
Evelyn and Phil Ettelson Mary Kay Held Trudy Trobiani
Farrington’s Mindy DeGregoris U Datta
Gary Donnenwerth Mr. and Bella Zweig
Vashistha Family
GG Beardsley Natalie Olson Wendy Smith
Grandma and Grandpa Zeger Nick Matejek Wilcox

What Happens When You Donate?

Not only will your dollars make it possible for Phoenix Youth Theatre to bring back our robust programming, but cast members who fundraise can receive a whole bunch of goodies, too!

Have more questions? View Our FAQs

Classes Programming

We can add more class offerings to train our student's in every aspect of performing and prepare them for the big stage.

More Shows

We can compliment our flagship productions by adding level-specific additional shows throughout the season.

Early Ticket Access

Cast members can earn Phoenix Rising list status and gain access at the box office to purchase tickets before general ticketing.

Branding Outreach

Businesses who donate to PYT receive a variety of benefits like playbill ad space and social media acknowledgments.

Inspire the future—give today!

Annual Target


Like many nonprofits, we are recovering from the devastation of Covid-19 and the financial impact of canceled and postponed shows and classes. PYT relies on the generosity of our families, friends, and local businesses to support our programming. It is through your support that we are able to raise the curtain and expand the breadth and depth of our programming.


Meet our Volunteer Committee

Rebecca Guglielmo

Director of Major Gifts

Deborah Bernard

Grant Writer

Bettina Reiter

Special Events Coordinator

Kathy Crouse

Special Events Coordinator

Have questions?

Our team is waiting to help you with any questions you may have regarding donations, sponsorship, or volunteering.


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