A higher level of voice training

Phoenix Voice Academy is more than just singing lessons. It’s a revolutionary fusion of in-person and online training, with internationally recognized coaches, that will give your child everything they need for their singing and performance endeavors. For singing lessons in Scottsdale and Phoenix that will set your singer up to soar… we have you covered.

Three training plans to fit you and your child’s needs

Learn from top industry professionals

A one-stop-shop for your child’s musical needs

Voice function (learning how to use the instrument) is at the core of our training. Coaching in sight-singing, music theory, performance skill, and songwriting are stacked on top to ensure that your child is the most well-rounded future Kristin Chenoweth or Bruno Mars out there...
Did we mention we also include guitar and piano training in the full membership?

Real-world performance opportunities

Our style-specific showcases offer Academy members the perfect platform to get their performance bearings within safe and supportive surroundings. Whether your child is an aspiring singer-songwriter or Broadway-bound, we provide experiences that will closely resemble the settings they may find themselves in out there in the “real-world”. Why? Because with familiarity comes to comfort, and with comfort comes confidence. Let’s start getting cozy basking in the spotlight now!

No more makeup lesson stress

Juggling your kid's schedule is tricky enough without having to squeeze a makeup lesson into the mix. At PVA our student’s vocal progress isn't stunted because of a school trip or 24-hour bug. If making it to the studio isn’t going to happen that day, then our coaches are set up to video call so your child can train from home. If their lesson is completely off the table, then their coach will use the time to create and send a customized vocal workout that is directly in line with their development. Just because the schedule gets tricky, doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with consistency!

It’s simple: the more often you train, the better you get.

Girl singing with Ukelele - Singing lessons in Scottsdale and Phoenix

The learning doesn’t stop in the classroom

Consistent training is the secret to keeping your child on track with their vocal goals BUT getting them to practice consistently is another story entirely. Members of the Academy are held accountable for their own development with regular at-home study, weekly progress checks with their core coaches, and upcoming performances on the horizon. These combined tools encourage our singers to stay motivated and stay on coarse to achieving their musical goals.

Take Me There

Internationally Recognized Coaches

Steve Giles

Master Coach

Jacqueline Dunford

Master Coach

Dr David Harris

Theory and Sight Singing Specialist

Laurel Irene

Theory and Sight Singing Specialist

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Simply Lessons

$ 195

Per 4 Weeks
Associate or Master Coaching

For those who cannot commit to the Academy. Lessons are based largely around voice function, efficient singing, and performance, but will be adapted to suit the needs of the student.

Weekly in-person 30-minute singing lessons

The AcademyLimited Spaces

$ 325

Per 4 Weeks
Receive Training From Both Master Coaches

For those with more experience and are highly committed to taking their singing, musicianship, and performing to the next level. This is the gold standard in voice training.

Weekly in-person 45-minute singing lessons

Sight Singing Online Training

Yousician Membership

4 Yearly Performance Opportunities

Open Mic Performance Opportunities*

Cross Training in Pop and Theatre

Singing Success Kit and Tee

Access to Academy Social Events

Discount to Monthly Masterclasses*

Master Coach Core Training Only


*sporadic events – not guaranteed to run every term

Pre Academy

$ 305

Per 4 Weeks
Associate or Master Coaching

For those who are passionate about improving their singing and musicality – new to singing or experienced but with a busy schedule that prevents them from committing to the Academy.

Weekly in-person 45-minute singing lessons

Sight Singing Online Training

Yousician Membership

2 Yearly Performance Opportunities

Training in Either Pop or Theatre

Singing Success Kit and Tee

Access to Academy social events