3rd – 5th – Theatre Acting and Dance

$85.00 / 4 weeks

Incredible 360 Training
Learn Dances And Act Out Scenes From Broadway’s Most Beloved Musicals
Explore The Fundamentals Of Theatrical Performance And Enhance Stage Skills
Have A Blast Playing Improv Acting Games, Laughing, And Learning With Friends
Become Knowledgeable Of Basic Acting, Dance, and Theatre Terminology
Activities Teach You To Use Your Body To Act Through Movement And Tell A Story
Learn About Musical Theatre Auditioning And How To Prepare For Success
Gain Experience Acting In A Group As You Become Comfortable In The Spotlight
Receive Training That Will Make You A More Confident, Well Rounded Performer

This is a payment plan. Automated payments will be paused during studio holidays, but will restart after and continue until canceled. Cancellations should be sent to our support team or via the website contact form.