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What a way to wrap up a show!


On Monday 4th February 2019, the perfect-for-parties Fireside Community Centre witnessed something special. The cast of Peter Pan Jr. rocking their neon and partying till the early hours… of the evening.  

One onlooker said: “I’ve never seen so much Neon… and I’ve been to Time Square!”*

A true celebration for all the families, who came together to acknowledge the unity and amazing teamwork throughout the show run. And to reflect on producing a super successful show!

*PCA cannot be held accountable for the legitimacy of its quotes and/or their sources (in other words, this quote was made up).

Pizza, glow paint and bumpin’ tunes was the story of the night! Check the gallery below for more fun photos…

The entire cast is excited to reunite this coming Monday (February 4th 2019) at the post-show ‘Pixie Dust’ glow themed cast party. Photos to follow.

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