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“An amazing and inspiring show!”


This was just one of the many compliments given by patrons after watching the PCA production of Peter Pan Jr. (Weekend of 25-27th January 2019).

The flawless John Paul Theatre, Phoenix College, accommodated multiple sell-out shows as audiences watched this talented cast make their way to Neverland and back.

It was our incredible Artistic Director Ms Jacqueline Dunford’s returning show in Arizona, after spending time in the UK. Her aim was “as always, to bring the story to life in a new way.” She certainly did that, with a mixture of comedy, unique staging, a huge supporting choir and high tech media.

A screen grab of the flying scene projected at either side of the stage: Pan (Katerina Anderson) flying over the London Eye.

The exquisite set, created by Chris Dane Burk, included a lifesize book for Tinkerbell (of which she stepped out of when entering the show) and a centrepiece made to represent a cascade of books.

Picture credit: Lisa Webb Photography

Two highlights for the audience were undoubtedly the infamous Croc appearance, where he tangoed with Hook and the adorable Mermaids that only wanted to hear special stories from Pan.

Picture credit: Lisa Webb Photography

The entire cast is excited to reunite this coming Monday (February 4th 2019) at the post-show ‘Pixie Dust’ glow themed cast party. Photos to follow.

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