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Top Level Musical Theatre Training For Kids and Teens

For the best  Musical Theatre Training in Scottsdale and Phoenix, look no further.

Dancing, Singing and Acting: All In One Class

A “Triple Threat” is a performer who can confidently perform all three skills… all at once! Whether you’re already a multitasking talent machine who needs to stay in audition shape, or a musical theater lover who's ready to put your passion into action, our “T3” classes are for you.

Train With Friends

T3 creates opportunities for like-minded kids to socialize and LAUGH. The bonds they create are just as valuable to the training they receive.

Making Physical Activity Fun

Train hard while learning fast and having a blast! Get ready to "shine" with increased flexibility, skill, stamina... oh yeah, did we mention sweat?

Online Practice Packs

Released weekly after each session so the growth continues even after the class ends. More time for you to master it!

Feedback Feature

Rare to group classes, our T3 members receive personalized feedback and guidance from their coaches. Similar to a private lesson!

Pro Tools = Pro Results

We created powerful tools that give our students the ability to continually access what they learn in class. This way they can apply personalized guidance supplied by their coaches and hone their skills in a pressure-free environment: creating the optimum setup for successful, lasting growth.

What To Expect:T3 Sessions

In each session, actors will play acting games, perform scenes, stretch, condition, hone their technique, then put all three skills together by learning a combo to music from our favorite Broadway shows. Get ready to train hard while learning fast and having a blast!

Will I Perform?

Twice a year, each team will get to show off all their growth and receive valuable performance experience by participating in the Musical Theatre Showcase. Performances will either be filmed and professionally edited for the virtual show, or if circumstances permit, live on stage.

We Got Broadway's Attention!

Our Triple Threat team got all 'zazzed' up and danced the night away to the tune of 'It's Time To Dance' from the smash musical The Prom, only for the video to be picked viewed (and loved!) by the cast members themselves! Another highlight to end the year of awesome training!

We leave no stone unturned - for students or parents.

Low Commitment

You're not tied to a Triple Threat program for a term or year. Pop in and pop out every four weeks as you wish.

Team #OneLogin

Remembering passwords can be tricky. We provide all resources under one login: your Performers' Profile.

Training Teams

Ages K-2*

Triple Threat Mini

Monday3.30- 4.15$12

Price Per Week, Charged Per 4 Weeks
Resumes Aug 31st, 2020
All Phoenix, AZ, Timezone (MST)

Grades 3rd thru 5th*

Triple Threat Jr.

Monday4.15 - 5.30$15

Price Per Week, Charged Per 4 Weeks
Resumes Aug 31st, 2020
All Phoenix, AZ, Timezone (MST)

Grades 6th and Up*

Triple Threat

Monday5.30 - 7.00$15

Price Per Week, Charged Per 4 Weeks
Resumes Aug 31st, 2020
All Phoenix, AZ, Timezone (MST)

After cancellation, the subscription ends from the next bill renewal. No refunds are given for previous payments.
Virtual prices differ to in-person prices.

*Training team enrollment is loosely based on age, but experience plays a huge part in determining the best training team for your child. After the first class, our coaches will review whether or not a different training team would be a better fit for your child. Placement of any child, in any class, is always at the discretion of PYT and it’s Directors.