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The month when our voice students take it to a whole new level.

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Why vocal exercises, over and over again?

Here’s a bold statement: if you do your vocal exercise weekly workout (found in your Voice Folder) EVERY DAY for the entire Month of Greatness, we guarantee that you won’t be able to deny the change to your voice by the end (unless you’re a huge liar).

The boring sciency bit…

We know that feeling great (or bad) when we sing and whether we sound epic (or ‘okayish’), is dictated by the physiological changes we make during the process of ‘singing’. Whether that be the positioning of the tongue, jaw, larynx or regulating airflow (the list goes on)… it takes a world of synergy to lay it down like Idina Menzel or Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Some of these postures, coordinations, and states are already familiar to us. Some aren’t: many less if we’re just starting out. And yet, we still have huge expectations in the form of producing crazy high, low, belty, soulful (and everything in between) sounds: in order to sing the songs we want to sing.

Welcome our best friend: noises that decrease the complexity of singing and guide the voice to greatness.

Now, PYT singer, we want you to imagine something.

Imagine knowing that producing particular weird noises over and over (and over and over) on many pitches, would be one of the most sure-fire ways of becoming a phenomenal singer. Hold fire over there! You totally know that because you read what you read above.

Imagine if you knew some (really) cool people who could teach you and tell you which particular noises worked for you and were the best ones to get your voice to where you want it to be. Oh, wait, you do know those people. (Hi! By the way).

Imagine if you had some pre-recorded scales at your disposal, and that pressing play was the only thing standing between practicing your heart out at home and becoming greater than you were yesterday (vocally speaking). Imagine no more, hotshot.

Take Me To The Exercises!
The Step By Step

Here’s how we’ll do it.


What You Vibin'?

Access your PYT lesson notes (it's in your GDrive) to find your 3-5 exercise daily exercise plan set by your coach.

Get to it!

Complete your voice workout every day for the entire month. Rome wasn't built in a day... we heard it was closer to thirty.


Log your training and report your findings to your voice coach each week. We want to see a real understanding of why you're doing what you're doing! Download below!

Why not VLOG, annnd LOG your MOG?

You also have the option to video-log your workouts and findings! We may feature you on OUR MOG VLOG! You can upload below.

Write Your Own Hit!

If you’re doing all the above, it just makes sense that you combine it all to start focussing on your own artistry! Speak to your coach about putting pen to paper during MOG!

Tinkle The Ivories!

For Academy and Pre Academy members, MOG is the perfect time to get your Yousician on, too! When you can accompany yourself you’ve basically unlocked the keys to the music universe.


For Academy and Pre-Academy members, it’s time to make time for music theory because it’s not just about talent…. You gotta have the smarts! Log in to your Sight Singing Modules today!

Performances are Around the Corner!

Believe it or not, but performances, auditions, showcases, and shows, will come back around soon. Expanding the repertoire is also top of mind during the MOG!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Join in our group sessions, where you'll get the chance to say "hello" to your fellow PYT Moggers, and start your daily workout in sync with them. Your coach will be checking in to see how you're doing, too!

It's Award Time

At the end of the month, if your coach deems that you've passed the test... you'll receive your MOG Medal. Oh, and a better voice for life!

What’s the main aim, when vocal exercising?

In lessons, you may have heard us say words like ‘smooth tone’ or ‘lovely consistency.’ These two statements should give a good idea of the overall goal, and for good reason. The opposite might be easier to imagine… you don’t need us to tell you how it feels to hear someone “sing” and all you hear is erratic, uncontrolled yelps emanating from their mouth.

Gaining a sense of control across the long term is one of the most powerful gifts we, as voice teachers, can give someone. Not only for a smoother sounding voice but for the overall personal empowerment it also governs. We should celebrate a lip trill that breaks on a high note or a ‘wee’ scale that makes us squeeze our neck off, as this is a signal that we can get to work! A building block in the walls of our palace, let’s say. Sorry about the final metaphor.

No matter the scale or exercise, aim for consistency and a reduction of involuntary body reactions. Or, put simply… a beautiful easy flow of energy across every scale and every line.

Here’s our Lilah!

Giving us a great example of how to CRUSH a daily workout! What’s more, she filmed it and added her creative magic to an iMovie edit for all to see! This could be you, too! Give Lilah a big round of applause… and then upload yours!

Uploads Yours!


It’s fair to say we could have a prettier name for our ‘Month of Greatness Log.’

Below is an example of the kind of notes/feedback you can take! Become invested in YOUR voice. (Pssst. remember we will be featuring some of these notes on our VLOG if they are filmed after you’ve done your workout!)

Drop Your Videos Here!

Your coaches will ask you to send in videos of your practice and weekly challenges. This is where you do that! Simply add your name and add some text to describe what the video includes, and hit send! You can upload your month-end MOG LOG here, too!

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