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A fearless musical about chasing popularity and being true to yourself.


Grades 7 and up


The Plastics have deemed Broadway Junior worthy of their presence in Mean Girls JR! This “fetch” musical from book writer Tina Fey (30 Rock), lyricist Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde), and composer Jeff Richmond (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) is packed with keen wit, an undeniably catchy score, and a sincere message for everyone.

Cady Heron may have grown up on an African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the wild and vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois.

How will this naïve newbie rise to the top of the popularity pecking order? By taking on The Plastics, a trio of lionized frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George. Cady and her friends devise a “Revenge Party” to end Regina’s reign with Cady going undercover as an aspiring Plastic. When the lines between the real Cady and her Plastic self get blurred, she must find her way back to herself and her true friends.

Adapted from Fey’s 2004 blockbuster film and the Broadway smash hit, Mean Girls JR. will be the queen bee of your stage!

Character Descriptions

Co-chair of the Student Activities Committee and Janis’s best friend. Damian is smart, witty, and confident and occasionally serves as the show’s narrator.
Vocal Range
Bb3 – G5

Janis Sarkisian
Marches to the beat of her own drum and, with Damian, narrates throughout the show. After a falling-out with Regina in middle school, she became a bit of a social outcast and still holds a grudge against Regina. Damian is her best friend and lovingly refers to her as his “art freak.”
Vocal Range
A3 – D5

Cady Heron
Arrives at North Shore High a clueless transfer student but is quickly wrapped up in brutal social politics. Though at her core Cady is levelheaded, self-assured, and kind, when she goes undercover with the Plastics, she becomes unrecognizable.
Vocal Range
G2 – E5

Regina George
The undisputed Queen Bee of North Shore High School, and she knows it. She’s confident, clever, and completely unbothered by anyone else’s opinion. While Regina purposefully manipulates everyone around her (including her own mom), at her heart, she’s trying to fit in, just like everyone else.
Vocal Range
Ab3 – Eb5

Gretchen Wieners
Regina’s stressed-out second-in-command. As much as Regina appears not to care what people think, Gretchen cares very much, and she’s especially paranoid when it comes to Regina. She takes the Plastics very seriously and is completely controlled by Regina, until Cady comes along.
Vocal Range
G2 – E5

Karen Smith
The third member of the Plastics. While Karen’s lack of intelligence is a running joke throughout the show, she sees the other girls more clearly than most people and is the most laid-back of the three.
Vocal Range
G2 – D#5

Aaron Samuels
A nice guy who has no idea that he’s the high school heartthrob. Although he doesn’t enjoy the drama of high school social politics, he gets used as a pawn between Cady and Regina, though he genuinely likes Cady.
Vocal Range
B3 – E5

Ms. Norbury
Cady’s homeroom and calculus teacher, and she oversees the Mathletes. Though she is a bit jaded and more than a little sarcastic, Ms.Norbury sees the real Cady and encourages her to be true to herself.

Mrs. Heron & Mr. Heron
Cady’s parents.

Principle Duvall
The school principal. Like Ms. Norbury, they’ve seen it all, although they’re slightly more formal and sincere than Ms. Norbury’s sarcasm.

Kevin G
Captain of the Mathletes! He’s confident and excited about competing with the team, and he’s proud of their accomplishments.

Martin or Martina
Kevin G’s second in command.

Shane Oman
Part of Varsity Jock clique. Shane was in a relationship with Regina George which started out secretly as an affair whilst she was dating Aaron Samuels.

Mrs. George
Regina’s mom who is desperate to be a “cool mom.”

Other Non-Singing Characters
Taylor, Caitlyn, Rachel, Caroline Krafft, Tony, Marymount Captain, Teary Girl, Mathletes Moderater, Sonja Acquino, Glenn Cocco, Dawn, Grace, Lizzie, Sophie, and Jason.

Ensemble Groups
Party Guests, the Debate Team, Dance Team, Show Choir, Mathletes, and Students.

FAQs – Times, Dates, Locations

Can I see some important dates?

Show run 8/14 – 11/19
Auditions #1 5/18 – 5/19
Auditions #2 6/1 – 6/2
Video Deadline 6/2
Callbacks #1 5/21
Callbacks #2 6/3
Possible Callbacks 6/4
Tech Week 11/6 – 11/9
Performances 11/10 – 11/12

11/17 – 11/19

We have implemented a two-round audition process to accommodate actors’ busy summer schedules. We expect actors to attend the callback session that follows their initial audition date. However, if you are unable to attend the corresponding callback, please communicate with the team so we can make appropriate arrangements. We strive to create a flexible audition experience that supports our talented actors while ensuring a successful casting process for the production.

What if I can't make these auditions?

Submit a Video Online!

During registration, you’ll receive guidance to help you submit a video audition.

Will there be more auditions for Mean Girls?

There is potential for additional auditions in August, though this possibility remains tentative and will depend on the quality of performances demonstrated in the preceding audition rounds.

When and how long are rehearsals?

In an unorthodox approach, we aim to tailor the rehearsal schedule to best accommodate our cast members by asking for your preferences during the sign-up process. We understand that this unique method might make determining whether you can fully commit to the show challenging.

Nevertheless, we encourage you to audition, list your conflicts, and trust that we will inform you of the finalized schedule as soon as possible. By working together, we can create a rehearsal plan that balances the needs of our dedicated cast members and ensures a successful production.

How do I list conflicts without a schedule?

Navigating potential scheduling conflicts is essential to ensuring smooth rehearsals and successful production. However, disclosing conflicts in advance might be more challenging than usual without a predetermined schedule.

We kindly request that you indicate all known vacations and non-negotiable appointments between 8/14 and 11/19 to help us create a harmonious schedule that maximizes the cast’s availability and ensures a seamless rehearsal process for everyone involved.

When will casting take place?

There is no set date for the casting announcement. It will be released when the directors are ready.

The casting process is complex and time-consuming, and the directors want to ensure they get it right. They will be considering various factors, such as the actors’ talent, availability, and chemistry with each other. Once they have made their decision, they will announce the cast to the public.

Where are the auditions?

Auditions are held at Phoenix Youth Theatre.

16033 N 77th St, Suite C
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260


Where are rehearsals?

Auditions are held at Phoenix Youth Theatre.

16033 N 77th St, Suite C
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260


Where are the shows?

Auditions are held at Phoenix Youth Theatre.

16033 N 77th St, Suite C
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260


FAQs – Misc

Do I have to attend all rehearsals?

We expect all actors to attend all shows and rehearsals. There is a rare chance that you may not be required to attend every rehearsal, depending on your role. If you are interested in a bigger role, please know it will require more time and availability. We will take all listed conflicts into account when making casting decisions.

Actors are required to submit all known conflicts before auditions. We understand that some conflicts may arise over time, but it is crucial to prioritize the show. Last-minute conflicts and frequent absences are not acceptable, as they can impede the progress of the production. Attendance at tech week rehearsals and performances is mandatory.

For more information, please see ‘What is a conflict?’ in the glossary below.

What is the production fee?

The production fee for participating in our show is $465* with an additional $75 costume fee.

*The production fee is conveniently divided into three manageable monthly payments of $155 each.

We pride ourselves on being transparent about costs and ensuring an inclusive experience for all our cast members and their families.

While we encourage everyone to participate in fundraising activities for PYT, we do not impose mandatory sales quotas for show tickets or any other obligations, as some other youth theaters might. With us, you can rest assured that the production fee is straightforward, and what you pay is what you pay – no hidden costs.

We do require one more commitment from each family: a parent or guardian must volunteer to contribute their time and support to help ensure the success of the production.


What Does My Production Fee Include

  1. At least ten weeks of amazing stage training
  2. Personal Script
  3. Professionally produced full-scale play
  4. At least four incredible productions
  5. Show T-shirt
  6. Costume
  7. Professional Show Photos
  8. Cast Party
  9. DVD is available for $35/dvd subject to recording rights license availability

What to bring to your audition

  • A current headshot (a school picture or photo taken with your phone will do if you don’t have one)
  • Performance resume
  • Your device for playing music IF you are performing additional songs; otherwise, directors will play the pre-supplied music for you.

Can I be in more than one PYT show at one time?

Yes! The shows are planned so that students can perform in all shows. All age and other entry rules still apply.


What is a conflict?

A conflict in youth theatre refers to a scheduling issue or a commitment clash that prevents a young actor from attending a rehearsal or performance. This type of conflict can occur when the actor has prior engagements, family trips, or other important events that coincide with the production’s schedule. It is essential for the participants and the production team to communicate openly about such conflicts so that they can plan accordingly and ensure the smooth functioning of the rehearsals and the eventual performance.

What is a slate?

A slate is a brief introduction that an actor gives at the beginning of their audition. It typically includes their name, age, and sometimes the role or roles they audition for. Slating helps the casting team keep track of who is auditioning and allows them to match the actor’s face and name for future reference. It also allows the actor to make a good first impression by showcasing their confidence, poise, and professionalism.

What is a callback?

A callback is a follow-up audition after the initial round of auditions. Callbacks are held when the casting team wants to see more from an actor or further evaluate their suitability for a particular role or roles. During a callback, actors may be asked to perform additional scenes, read lines with other actors, sing specific songs, or showcase certain skills relevant to the character they are being considered for.

Callbacks play an essential role in helping the casting team make final decisions about casting roles in the production. They offer young actors the opportunity to further demonstrate their talents and abilities and their potential chemistry with other cast members.

What is tech week?

Tech week is an essential part of the rehearsal process in youth theatre. It is typically the week leading up to the final performances where the technical elements, such as lighting, sound, and costumes, are incorporated into the production.

During tech week, actors work closely with the production team to ensure a seamless performance, making adjustments to lighting and sound cues, practicing costume changes, and perfecting their stage entrances and exits.

It is crucial that actors attend tech week as it provides an opportunity for them to fully understand and participate in the production process and build their confidence in the new theater environment. Most importantly, tech week helps actors understand how not to get injured by moving set pieces, and they can see how their individual role contributes to the overall success of the production.