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Matilda Jr.

Casting Announcement

Our Matilda Jr. shows have been cast. View the casts by selecting the corresponding button below. ‘Miracles” assemble!


Mainstage Cast

Matilda Agatha Trunchbull Miss Honey
Maddie Ahler Maddox Schipper Fiona O’Meara


Bruce Hortensia Nigel
Jacob Enzweiler Luciana Zaccardi Beau Baker


Lavender Eric Alice
Emily Chittieng Isabella Husk Ava McCarty


Tommy Amanda Mrs.Phelps
Siena Reilly Edan Solomon Alexis Burrow


Mrs.Wormwood Mr.Wormwood Michael
Violet Hawkins Campbell Grant Jackson Sauer


Acrobat Escapologist Rudolpho 
Avery Vaughn Paige Duval Emme Bernstein


Sergei Cooks Mechanic
Sophie Kauffman Carlee Howard Zoey Hanss
Chord Isaac


Big Kid Leader  Big Kids w/ Solos Russians
Penelopi Ramirez Olivea Demko Olivea Demko
Sophia Husk Verena Doran
Featured Big Kids Gianna Petersen Declan Dresser
Layla Bloomquist – Big Kid 1 Tierney Brown Lily Jokerst 
Skye Budovitch – Big Kid 2
Devin Lovitz – Big Kid 3

**MINI MATILDA, MINI MIRACLES, & PARENTS will all be featured in the opening number of the show, “Miracle”. 


Mini Matilda  Mini Miracles
Taylor Niez Sloane Tarpey – Lavender Olivia Zamora
Ryann Demko  Emerson Ramsower
Charlie Newkirk Andrew Bonner
Avery Oehring Hazel Tonnies

**MINI MIRACLES & PARENTS specific roles will be assigned during our first rehearsal.  


Parents  Circus Performers
Olivea Demko Asher Strauss – Contortionist 
Tierney Brown Sophia Husk – Tumbler
Grace Doxford Lilah Sabraw – Ribbon Dancer
Chord Isaac Melarene Lacy – Ribbon Dancer
Gianna Petersen Charlotte Flegenheimer – Ribbon Dancer
Devin Lovitz Eloise Estrada – Ribbon Dancer
Skye Budovitch
Alexis Burrow
Paige Duval
Fiona O’Meara
Sophia Husk
Avery Vaughn
Penelopi Ramirez
Sophie Kauffman
Zoey Hanss
Violet Gunnigle
Zoe Zimmerman


Little Kid Ensemble – Encore Big Kid Ensemble – Ovation
Charlie Newkirk Zoey Hanss
Hazel Tonnies Grace Doxford
Jackson Sauer Eloise Estrada
Olivia Zamora Zoe Zimmerman
Presley Batycki Molly Dahlin
Hayden Mohrman Juliet Dahlin
Taylor Niesz Sophia Husk
Emily Ahler Declan Dresser
Lia Hopkins Gianna Petersen
Millie Ptak Lilah Sabraw
Emerson Ramsower Chord Isaac
Olivia Sidoti Emme Bernstein
Sloane Tarpey Carlee Howard
Charlotte Flegenheimer Lily Jokerst
Melarene Lacy Livia Bosna
Tierney Brown Sophie Kauffman
Andrew Bonner Olivea Demko
Gabrielle Clark Cora Bodmer
Verena Doran
Asher Strauss
Violet Gunnigle
Liberty Nelson
Ryann Demko
Cecilia Zito
Avery Oehring

Premier Cast

Matilda Agatha Trunchbull Miss Honey
Mia Hedani Kavya Bhattacharya Kashlyn Gifford


Bruce Hortensia Nigel
Brayden Sagar Maddie McKee Reid Williams


Lavender Eric Tommy
Brooke Schulz Oliver Knight Jaxxon Hasl


 Amanda Mrs.Phelps Mrs.Wormwood
Ariya Bhattacharya Leighton DeWolf Doty Emerie Williams


Mr.Wormwood Michael Acrobat
Ava Alfonso Tia Sellers Zara Csenscits 


Escapologist Rudolpho Sergei
Penny Eichelsderfer  Reid Williams Anika Patel



Cook Mechanic
Anaika Shah Willow Crowder



Big Kid Leader  Featured Big Kids Russians
Josie Stephens  Josie Stephens  – Big Kid 1 Katie Palys
Reese Perry – Big Kid 2 Victoria Davey
Dance Captain Katilin Comans – Big Kid 3  Ava Scagnoli
Reese Perry Vivienne Barnhorst



Premier Little Kids  Premier Big Kids  Premier Parents 
Allie Shroyer Ava Lurie Ava Lurie
Cristina Burnett Anika Mehta Anika Mehta
Brooke Ritchie Ava Scagnoli Ava Scagnoli
Hannah Belfore Georgia Naber Georgia Naber
Grace Knight Vivienne Barnhorst Vivienne Barnhorst
Ellie Tobak Anika Patel Anika Patel
Vivien Davey Victoria Davey Victoria Davey
Willow Crowder Katie Palys Katie Palys
Cenica Calvert Penny Eichelsderfer Penny Eichelsderfer
Paige Perry Tia Sellers Tia Sellers
Leighton DeWolf Doty Leighton DeWolf Doty
Zara Csenscits Zara Csenscits
Emerie Williams Kashlyn Gifford
Landry Boquist
Katilin Comans
Reese Perry