Make The World A Better Place

Here you’ll find everything you need to donate to the #UseYourVoiceForGood fundraiser or apply for free singing lessons.

What Is This?

You’ve most likely found your way here because you have watched our “Heal the World/All You Need Is Love” mash-up music video. We hope you loved it even half as much as we loved performing. If you haven’t seen it or want to watch it again, you can do that directly above. You can also read more about our initiative and find out how you can join us in making the world a better place by scrolling below.

  • The singers of Phoenix Voice Academy and the students and families of Phoenix Youth Theater created a heartfelt music video to use their voices for good and encourage love and positivity.
  • Through your donations, the #UseYourVoiceForGood fundraiser provides funds for virtual voice lessons from an international network of professional voice coaches with the aim of amplifying children’s voices across the globe for good.
  • As long as we continue to receive donations, we will provide four 30-minute voice lessons to as many children as possible.
  • All funds are donated directly to the non-profit Vocology in Practice, Inc.

Please share our video to spread our singers’ good energy and donate to the #UseYourVoiceForGood fund.

A Message From The Hearts of Our Children

More than ever, the world is in need of love.

As part of our theatre family community service, we have joined together to give children around the world who love singing as much as we do the same musical experiences that we’re lucky enough to have.

I know our words make a difference. I know yours will, too.

This is our way of making a difference, and it makes me so happy to think about new friends around the world enjoying an experience that brings me so much joy. It’s also exciting to imagine what they will do with some expert guidance!

It’s time with a grownup who believes in my potential, makes me feel like I matter, and encourages me to use my voice. That I deserve to be heard.

In our voice lessons, becoming a good singer is just the top layer. It’s about so much more.

It’s the feeling that someone else really cares about me and is giving me their undivided attention…even for just thirty minutes that day.

These are things that even grownups need, but especially us children because it will make a difference when we’re grownups.

I hope that it brings a special moment to your day.

It’s the time when I can tune out the rest of the world and do something that makes me feel so happy.





As board members of a global voice professionals network and having worked in the singing education field for a cumulative 30+ years, it’s safe to say that it is extremely close to our hearts, and we are very well placed to amplify the experience for those who participate

We know voice education can be transformative for children, and it has the potential to forever change the trajectory of someone’s life for the better.


By participating in a community service project each term, our theater students have the opportunity to give back to their community. Children are the future, and I know we all want the future to be a bright one, filled with kind, caring human beings. When children learn at a young age that they have the power to help someone change their life for the better and impact the world in a positive way, they are more likely to grow into those pillars of light and continue spreading love this world so desperately needs.


Whether we consider the impact of having a dedicated mentor, skills acquisition, or the proven benefits of singing and working toward a shared goal, the list of mental and emotional benefits that can be realized is limitless. Even more powerful is realizing that there are caring, knowledgeable adults whom you’ve never met who will give you an opportunity to learn more about your passion and foster your potential. Voice lessons are life changing.


There are countless music educators who love inspiring young singers and helping them achieve their dreams. The current economic climate has hugely impacted those who work within the arts, and extra income could mean the difference to studio doors remaining open or not. The world can’t afford to lose these teachers. Imagine a world without the arts. By donating to this project you are not only helping children, but you will be supporting these teachers and their small businesses survive these trying times.

Apply For Lessons

Here is your opportunity to receive the voice training you have always wanted but thought would never be possible. Apply to work online with one of the world’s best voice coaches and get ready to use your voice for good!


Who Can Apply?

Anyone between the ages of 8 and 17, and you will need the permission of your parent or guardian. You’ll need a functioning web camera, wifi, and device to make the call.

What is the selection criteria?

The selection process will be carried out by members of the Board of Vocology in Practice, Inc. Selection will be based on personal need.

How Will I Schedule My Lesson?

Once you have received confirmation that you have been selected for #USEYOURVOICEFORGOOD complimentary voice training, you will have the opportunity to select the coach, day and time of your choosing. These selections will remain the same for your entire block of lessons.

Do I need any singing experience?

You can be a complete beginner or someone who has lots of singing experience!

Why did I have to upload a photo of myself?

By applying for a scholarship, you are granting Phoenix Youth Theatre, Phoenix Voice Academy and/or Vocology In Practice, Inc. permission to post your name and photo on websites or in other marketing communications in the event you are awarded the scholarship.

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