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Have you ever dreamed of being in a musical? But you were told you don’t have the talent?

We promoted this on social media as an-experience-of-a-lifetime. That might be stretching things a little, but nevertheless, it could be your time to shine!

We are looking for family members and friends to step up and take on the role of The Spooky Voice. We are searching for the spookiest or most ridiculous voice you can muster. Our only proviso is that we can actually hear the words you speak.

The Spooky Voice enters the play to reveal to Jafar and Iago that Aladdin is the key to finding a magic lamp that will grant Jafar the power to become Sultan.

Fans might make a sign with YOUR name on!

What does the winner get?

The winner of this coveted prize will receive a free ticket to the show in which they are ‘performing,’ a limousine from their house*, red carpet arrival**, and a lifetime of being known as ‘the voice.’

*this is a lie (there is no limousine transport from your house)
** this is also a lie (there is no red carpet arrival)

YOUR fans might go mad, too.


If the thought of this grand role has already given you stage fright… it need not. The Spooky Voice role in Aladdin Jr. has three lines in total. Whoever is chosen will read these three lines, most probably from their seat in the crowd. We may not even see your face as your costume will consist of a dark cloak that can cover it. Unless you really want your face to be seen. We understand if you do. #celeb

If you’re planning on coming to watch one, or multiple, shows, why not add to the experience! If you have the voice, we want to hear it!

Watch the video below, for more info, or go ahead and submit your video today!

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